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About the Program

Gift certificates for various stores can be purchased at face value. The percentage of profit each business offers is divided 50/50 with you and Saint John. The 50% you earn maybe used toward tuition at St John or Bishop Luers, classroom credit, or tax deductible donations to the Parish General fund or the Tuition Assistance Fund.


Purchasing Information

SCRIP is sold after all weekend masses at the Fairfield entrance. 8 am - 10 am Monday & Thursdays in Rectory and using School mail. Before and after Friday 8:15 Mass in vestibule.


Return orders to the school office on Monday's by 8:15am or in the church Sunday collection basket and your orders will be available for your pick-up using one of the several options listed on the SCRIP order form.


Summer Sales Hours

Monday - 9am-12pm in the School and after all weekend Masses. Orders can be dropped off at the rectory at anytime and can be picked up after any weekend Mass after they have been filed. Any questions - please call the rectory office (260-744-4393)


Payment Information

Make checks payable to "Saint John SCRIP". Please have the exact amount for cash orders. SCRIP does not make change. Use the current order form as periodically merchants, percentages and denominations change.

Save the following things and send into school

Box Tops For Education

Save your Box Tops for Education symbol off of General Mills products.


Ink Cartridge Collection

Save your Ink Jet, Laser, Copier and Fax cartridges from your home or from your place of work. Place in original packaging or in a plastic bag and send into school.


Campbell's Soup Labels

Save labels from Campbell's soup, Swanson, Pepperidge, Franco American Prego and V8 products.