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Altar Servers

Altar Servers serve God by helping the priest and the parish community in the conduct of the Mass and other liturgical celebrations. From Baptisms to Weddings, these dedicated young people play an important role in religious celebrations.

All girls and boys in the fourth grade
or older, who are dedicated to service,
are eligible to join this ministry.

Altar servers help the priest and deacon during the liturgy, especially the Mass. They have several supporting duties to carry out, such as carrying the processional cross/candles, carry incense, holding the missle, assisting in the recipt of the gifts, washing the hands of the priest and removing items from the altar during communion.
The parish conducts training and refresher courses periodically during the year for all Altar Servers.
Server Schedules:
Schedules are typically provided quarterly to each server's family.

Anyone interested in being an 'Altar Server' is encouraged to
contact the Parish Office.